About Bill’s Tools N Supplies

Bill’s Tools N Supplies

Bill’s Tools N Supplies was started to get tools and supplies to those that need them. I have been working hard getting tools to those in need. Finding great tools assisting in getting mechanical repairs done. I started selling tools in March of 2017. Bill’s Tools N Supplies goal is to provide high-quality tools and supplies.

I have 20 years of experience in The HVAC field. I am passionate about tools and providing supplies to those that need them. Most of the tools focused on refrigeration,   heating, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical tools. I currently an air conditioning and heating service technician.

When I first got into the field, I started as an installer. Then after seven years of install, I started my adventure as an HVAC/R service tech. After a leg injury sidelined me from being able to perform my job. I started a tool business. This experience opened me up to a new world. Knowing that I get tools and supplies to those that need them. Next, seeing customers returning lets me know I am satisfying others needs. Repeat Customers is the most rewarding part. I strive to keep exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Feedback is appreciated

Bill’s Tools N Supplies needs to understand your experience, using the site, making a purchase. Hence why I need your feedback and suggestions. Positive and negative comments are welcome. If not for feedback how would I correct mistakes to improve others experiences? Use the Contact Us page to tell me what I am doing right or where improvement is needed. Most of all I am building this website without any web design experience. I need to understand what your experience is. Furthermore developing a website is no easy task. Therefore requiring a substantial amount of time researching is necessary. Through feedback, I can improve user experience on my site. I would also like to know what tools you like or would like me to help you find.